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We protect electronic identities with cryptographic solutions and applications for secure elements, digital identities and user-friendly encryption.

What is EVIDEN?

EVIDEN is an Atos spin-off and clusters digital, cloud and big data & security business with headquarters in Paris. The annual revenue in 2022 was € 5 billion and the global headcount stands at 57.000.

How cryptovision and IDnomic became part of Eviden‘s Digital Identity unit


We wanted a sharp new name for the digital, cloud, advanced computing, big data and digital security parts of the business that reflects where we come from and our mission for the future. Inspired by the word evidence, Eviden evokes the pursuit of new perspectives driven by our clients’ data. Eviden is a digital powerhouse, bringing together proven world-class talent and unique technology capabilities.

PQC ready

Innovative extension for cryptovision GreenShield: Preview module for post-quantum cryptography

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IDnomic PKI – Secure Identities, Seamless Connections


Discover the advantages of digital identity as-a-Service, delivered from our sovereign Cloud

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