cryptovision SCinterface Cache

Single sign-on through secure PIN caching makes smartcard use more user-friendly and also saves money. Cryptovision SCinterface Cache is the ideal solution for this purpose.

Typical PKI application cases, such as operating system login, web authentication, VPN authentication or data encryption, usually require the user to enter his PIN. The amount of time a user spends entering PINs over the course of a day is considerable. It goes without saying that this annoying process distracts the user from his work.

For this reason, single sign-on is an extremely useful thing. If a user only needs to enter his PIN once and then use it for all PKI applications (across application boundaries), he saves a lot of time. The user-friendliness increases significantly.

Cryptovision SCinterface Cache is an extension to the product cryptovision SCinterface. It enables cross-application single sign-on based on secure PIN caching.

Once a user has entered his PIN when starting the operating system, it is no longer necessary to enter a PIN if he uses the smartcard or token for other purposes.

As a special feature, cryptovision SCinterface Cache provides full support for Windows Universal Platform Applications, including EDGE. Microsoft has classified the methods used by cryptovision SCinterface for this purpose as security compliant and has also confirmed that this solution is future-proof.

Cryptovision SCinterface Cache is configurable. If a PKI application is to be excluded from the single sign-on (e.g. for security reasons), this can be easily configured.

Cryptovision SCinterface is a solution that offers a lot. Together with cryptovision SCinterface Cache it is even more valuable.

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