cryptovision SCinterface Cache

SCinterface Cache enables user friendly and efficient authentication process within Single Sign-on PIN caching

Simplify PKI applications authentication with one-time PIN entry.
In PKI application scenarios like system login, web authentication, data decryption, and VPN authentication, users are typically required to enter a PIN. However, repeatedly entering this PIN can be time-consuming and disruptive. To address this, we provide PIN caching for all PKI applications, ensuring a faster and more seamless experience for our users.

Cryptovision SCinterface Cache is an extension to the product cryptovision SCinterface which enables cross-application single sign-on based on secure PIN caching.

After the initial login, there is no longer a need to enter the PIN code for subsequent smartcard or Token required purposes.


  • Full support for windows universal platform application including Edge
  • Security compliant and future proof approved by Microsoft
  • Configurable across three tiers: Duration, Key utilization
  • Application blacklisting/whitelisting
  • Comprehensive solution
  • Further enhanced in value through integration with the cryptovision SCinterface


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