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Technical security device (TSE) for cash registers

 The TSE from cryptovision, which is mandatory for the protection of cash registers, contains a security module consisting of the CSP Jacolyn and the “Security Module Application for Electronic Record-keeping Systems” (SMAERS) as well as a memory module and a uniform digital interface for integration into the cash register software. SMAERS and Jacolyn are in the legally required certification process. 

With Bundesdruckerei and other partners, cryptovision offers both variants of TSE for the implementation of the Kassensicherungsverordnung (KassenSichV): both token-based in the form factors µSD, SD, USB and for central solutions as firmware extensions for HSMs.

Jacolyn is currently being certified according to the corresponding Common Criteria Protection Profile BSI-CC-PP-0104-2019 at level EAL 4+, the SMEARS application at level EAL 2. 

Engineering samples are currently available that are required for the integration of TSE in the POS systems. The current documentation and software for these samples and the later TSE hardware module can be found at 

If you have created an account there, you can download the sources and documentation in the latest version at the bottom of the page 

There, the SE-API is available in Java as well as in C, as source code with a CMake Builder. In addition to compiling a C DLL yourself, you can also download the fully compiled DLLs there.

Examples of how this DLL can be linked under C#, or VB6 are listed at, where the example currently contains most of the code.

We have also set up a ticket system at, which we use to handle support requests. 



Further information about D-trust’s TSE solutions:

You will find answers to your TSE / fiscalisation questions on the website of Bundesdruckerei GmbH:

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