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Strong partners and future-proof technologies: The TSE of cryptovision and D-Trust for the fiscal market

The Cash Register Security Ordinance has been in force in Germany since 01.01.2020. Every electronic cash register system must store all accounting-relevant transaction data on a Technical Security Equipment (TSE) in the cash register and keep it available for tax officials to read at any time. Every taxable entrepreneur who operates a cash register is affected by this regulation.

For D-Trust, a company of the Bundesdruckerei Group, cryptovision has completely developed a hardware-based solution in the form factors µSD, SD and USB and certified it as a product for the implementation of the German Cash Register Security Ordinance (KassenSichV).


Certified security

  • The TSE developed by cryptovision has been successfully certified according to TR-03153 under procedure number BSI-K-TR-0374.

  • The security certification BSI-DSZ-CC-1120-V2-2021 of the SMAERS application has been successfully completed according to Common Criteria (CC, ISO 15408) EAL 2.

  • The security of the CSP application under certification under BSI-DSZ-CC-1119 has been confirmed by an expert opinion from the BSI for provisional release.

Security made in Germany by cryptovision, D-Trust and Bundesdruckerei

  • Maximum security and future viability: Bundling of all sensitive applications on a single chip of the latest generation.
  • Enormous reduction in total cost of ownership: All data located on the TSE can be easily deleted again after a data backup and the TSE can continue to be used.
  • Easy to use: Whether in a mobile device, stationary POS system or server – thanks to the small size of a microSD card, the hardware TSE can be used anywhere.
  • Integration flexibility and control: In addition to the certified C-API, the TSE can also be used in a certified manner via the transport layer interface, which has also been tested, with its own SE-API implementations.
  • Versatile adaptation options: Quickly react to changing circumstances – this includes USB and SD interfaces, for example.
  • Extensive features: 8 GB of flash memory: of this, around 2 GB is intended for the user area and the remaining 6 GB is available for transaction logs.
  • Fast processing speed: Around four transactions per second is a big advantage for any POS. Overall, the lifetime of the hardware TSE can also be set to up to 20 million signatures.

Structure of the Technical Security Equipment

To implement the German Cash Security Ordinance (KassenSichV), cryptovision has developed a hardware-based Technical Security Equipment (TSE) for its partner D-Trust, a company of the Bundesdruckerei Group. The core of the TSE functionality is the audit-proof recording system, based on the digital signature of the individual cash receipts. A check value for each transaction ensures that all data is present in the original and unchanged – subsequent tampering can be easily detected. It includes a security module consisting of the Jacolyn CSP and the “Security Module Application for Electronic Record-keeping Systems” (SMAERS), as well as a storage module and a standard digital interface for integration into the POS software.

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