Virtual smartcards have significantly reduced costs for secure infrastructure

The challenge for Uniper

Uniper is a company with over 12,000 employees that was created by the spin-off of E.ON’s water, coal and gas divisions. As a young company, Uniper focuses on modern IT infrastructures and offers its employees BYOD, among other things. On the other hand, the company also has a more classical IT approach, which has been adopted from the E.ON world.

One challenge was to find a suitable smartcard middleware for the company that meets the requirements of a modern IT infrastructure as well as the framework conditions of classic IT. Security and user-friendliness had to be taken into account.


Our solution for Uniper

Due to Uniper’s BYOD strategy, it was important that smartcards and tokens could also be used without additional distributed software. This was achieved with a certified minidriver. By using virtual smartcards, the costs for a secure infrastructure could be further reduced. The support of the virtual smartcards by the smartcard middleware means that no major interventions in other systems are necessary. The solution is used for all conceivable signature and decryption applications, for example for workflows and office documents.

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