Secure Hardware and Embedded Software Solutions

Security token, typically smart cards and secure elements are tamper-resistant devices based on microchips/microcontroller with an embedded software that stores and processes sensitive, personal data. They are an essential component for enhancing security in various applications, including credit cards, access control, electronic travel document, and government IDs.

The underlying hardware and operating system expose cryptographic libraries that can be interfaced by additional software to set up cryptographic service provider to offer security services to higher end applications.

As far as smart card operation systems are concerned, one can find two approaches on the market, i.e. Java Card standardized platforms or so-called “native” OS, implementing proprietary APIs to realize smart card standard frameworks.

Eviden Digital Identity Solutions provide native multi-application smart cards operating systems as well a Java Card based applet suites for ePassport, eID, eHealth use cases.

Moreover, our product portfolio covers tools for prototyping and industrial processing of eDocuments personalization profiles and we offer Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP) software for coupling hardware security with higher end applications.

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