Electronic identity documents

cryptovision offers toolkit for e-ID Documents

Electronic identity documents – in short: e-ID documents – prove the identity of the holder in the same way as analog ID cards.

However, they have been further developed in terms of security and contain a chip. The electronic components in the document increase, among other things, the security against forgery, since the data is not only printed but – digitally signed – also stored electronically.

Usually other functions are integrated, such as the fingerprint data of the document holder in the case of the German passport or e-ID functions, such as identification and authentication on the Internet, in the case of the German identity card.

Depending on the equipment, e-ID documents can also be used to log on to the computer, use Internet services with a pseudonym, digitally sign documents or pay with them. Health cards, driving licenses, vehicle registration documents, student ID cards and employee ID cards are also widely used as e-ID documents.

cryptovision has specialized in developing software components for e-ID documents that are highly relevant to security. We offer both public sector customers worldwide and enterprises a complete software toolbox with which e-ID documents of any kind can be designed and implemented. This includes not only software on the chip of the e-ID documents themselves, but also solutions for the necessary infrastructure and for the operation of the end devices.

Together with selected partners, we can also implement complete e-ID projects.

In our projects, we support our customers in all project phases: we analyze the requirements together, specify the e-ID project, set it up and operate it. We develop our software according to the highest security requirements – this is also confirmed by our certifications, such as Common Criteria EAL 5+.


Our approach:

We do not believe in implementing an e-ID solution as a black box in which the customer has neither control over nor insight into the technology. Instead, we focus on involving our customers comprehensively in all technical definition and decision-making processes. We build on open, international platforms and standards – our customers remain the technology owners.

In this way, the solutions optimally match the individual requirements. If required, our clients can build up the necessary competence themselves and further develop the solutions independently. Local partners can also be easily integrated into the development and operation of the e-ID solution. Instead of a vendor lock-in, cryptovision enables know-how transfer and local value creation.


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