Electronic identity documents

Ensuring authenticity and protection of citizen identities

In the realm of digital transformation, governments and public agencies prioritize the secure implementation of electronic sovereign documents, with citizen digital identities serving as the cornerstones of their strategies. These initiatives encompass large-scale and highly intricate digital transformation projects, including Government-to-Government, Government-to-Administration, Government-to-Citizen, and Government-to-Enterprise interactions. To meet the challenges associated with security, reliability, and adherence to international standards, it is crucial for solution providers to cover the entire value chain.

The management of citizen-centric electronic identities (e-ID) entails the establishment of one or multiple ecosystems that encompass enrollment, production, issuance, inspection, and usage of citizen credentials. These credentials are typically implemented on chip-based sovereign documents, commonly known as e-ID documents. Depending on the document’s functional scope and the available infrastructure, e-ID documents can also be leveraged for computer logins, pseudonymous internet services, digital document signing, and electronic payments. Variants of e-ID documents include health cards, driving licenses, vehicle registration documents, student ID cards, and employee ID cards.

At every level of the global e-ID value chain, our products play a pivotal role. We collaborate closely with partners such as chip manufacturers, national printing houses, and local and global system integrators to ensure comprehensive support.

Our approach:

We believe in a customer-centric approach that grants full control and visibility over the technology, rather than implementing an e-ID solution as an opaque black box. We actively involve our customers in all technical definition and decision-making processes. By building upon open, international platforms and standards, we ensure that our customers retain ownership of the technology. This approach enables us to tailor solutions precisely to individual requirements. If desired, our clients can develop the necessary expertise and independently advance the solutions. We aim to empower our partners to support local development and operation of the e-ID solution, emphasizing knowledge transfer and local value creation over vendor lock-in.

With Cryptovision and IDnomic products, we provide essential technical services for secure electronic document production, personalization, issuance, and online and offline usage, safeguarding sovereign documents and protecting citizen digital identities.



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