There is now an innovative extension for the cryptovision GreenShield email encryption software: a preview module for post-quantum cryptography. This enables PQC and composite signatures as well as PQC encryption with the CRYSTALS-Dilithium and CRYSTALS-Kyber algorithms, based on self-signed certificates. Both cryptovision GreenShield Mail and cryptovision GreenShield File support the new functions.

With the new feature, cryptovision GreenShield users can already evaluate post-quantum procedures today. Interested parties can be accompanied by Eviden Digital Identity during an evaluation.

Anyone interested can find out more at Omnisecure from January 22 to 24 in Berlin. A team from Eviden Digital Identity will be on site, so feel free to talk to us, for example during the two presentations we will be giving at this event.

Website for cryptovision GreenShield: