PKI and Certificate Lifecycle Management


Producing and Managing Electronic Certificates

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is a system that manages digital keys and certificates to secure online communication. Based on asymmetric cryptography, it uses a pair of keys (public and private) to encrypt and decrypt data, ensuring confidentiality and authentication. PKI is vital for strong online authentication, secure web browsing, email encryption, and digital signatures, safeguarding all digital transactions for private and public organizations.

Certificates are used to secure server networks. Efficient management of a large number of servers and several PKI systems already deployed requires an automated process to ensure complete coverage and monitoring. This automated process is commonly known as Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM).

It encompasses the creation, issuance, renewal, and revocation of digital certificates, such as SSL/TLS certificates. It ensures certificates are valid, secure, and up to date. This process involves key generation, certificate signing, periodic renewal, and revocation in case of compromise or expiration, maintaining security in online transactions.

Eviden Digital Identity Solutions offer user-friendly, highly secure and robust performance-oriented products for all PKI use cases for your organization, ranging from key management, digital certificate production and distribution to automated and user-friendly certificate lifecycle management.

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