Manage user digital credentials on any cryptographic device

Managing secure administration of user identities and access privileges within an organization involves tasks like user authentication, access control, and verification of identity.

Companies often choose secure elements, such as smart cards and secure tokens as trustworthy cryptographic hardware, to hold user credentials. Moreover, these credentials can be linked to a variety of devices, not only smart cards, but also TPM (trusted platform module) or virtual smart cards, smart phones, etc.

Effective credential management needs therefore to ensure not only support of multiple devices, but also to rely on flexible, versatile middleware to allow applications to access these credentials in the most efficient and transparent way.

Eviden Digital Identity Solutions offers a user friendly, feature-rich Credential Management System (CMS) with multiple, configurable workflows for issuing user credentials on different cryptographic devices. Together with our middleware, that supports 100+ smart cards and secure elements, we offer our customers a unique possibility to deploy user digital identities on any device and to interface them with security relevant applications.

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