Workplace Security

Protect employee and company IT environments

Our professional environment has undergone lots of changes in the last years, and much is still to come.

Digital transformation is profoundly changing our ways of doing business, exchanging and managing information inside and outside the companies.

The shift from isolated to interconnected IT Systems, from Intranet to Internet, the strong push for remote access, the BYOD (Bring Your own Device) trend and, finally, the wave to Cloud based application and data management, have definitively a major impact on our daily workplace environment.

Identity and data have become interdependent and security is its common denominator.

The following use cases are at the heart of a secure workplace environment:

  • Secure logical access through employee digital IDs
  • Remote access based on VPN (Virtual Private Networks)
  • Certificate based Authentication (CBA)
  • Phising restistant MFA and FIDOv2 Strong Authentication
  • IT System Network protection based on client-server certificates
  • Secure email for internal and external information exchange
  • Confidentiality of data based on file encryption
  • Paper-To- Digital transformation of processes using electronic signature

Digital Identity solutions with Cryptovision and IDnomic products enable enterprises to implement true end-to-end protection of employee’s working environment and thus extending the company’s trust sphere to its external ecosystem.


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