NXP has added the ePasslet Suite to its product portfolio

The challenge for NXP

Java Card, a proven technology for programming smart cards, plays an important role at cryptovision. As an open and manufacturer-independent system, Java Card supports cryptovision’s approach to always rely on open standards. The ePasslet Suite, cryptovisions framework for the realization of electronic ID cards of all kinds, is based on Java Card. This means that the ePasslet Suite is not dependent on the type of card used, but can be used on any Java Card operating system.

Our solution for NXP

The Java Card operating system on which the ePasslet Suite is most frequently used is JCOP from NXP. NXP, a Dutch semiconductor manufacturer that emerged from the Philips Group, has therefore been an important partner of cryptovision for many years. NXP also offers the ePasslet Suite (under the name eDoc Suite) in its own product portfolio.

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