cryptovision delivers encryption with military security

The challenge for the Bundeswehr

The Bundeswehr is Germany’s largest IBM Notes user. Microsoft Outlook is also used by the German armed forces. It goes without saying that e-mail encryption is indispensable for an army. However, the native encryption functions of Notes and Outlook neither have the necessary security evaluations nor do they offer all the functions required for large user groups. The Bundeswehr therefore had to look for a better e-mail encryption solution.


Our solution for the Bundeswehr

Although there are many e-mail encryption solutions on the market, cryptovision’s s/mail proved to be the only one that met the high requirements of the German Armed Forces. Unlike some other email encryption products, s/mail is client-based and offers end-to-end security. In addition, s/mail is available for both Notes and Outlook, which was an important criterion for the Bundeswehr.

It also offers a number of practical functions that are particularly interesting for large user groups. Above all, s/mail offers the highest security level of all currently available e-mail encryption solutions. It has a VS-NfD, “NATO Restricted” and “EU Restricted” approval.

There is no other e-mail crypto product with comparable certifications on the market. In a process lasting several years, the Bundeswehr evaluated s/mail. For cryptovision, the feedback from the Bundeswehr was valuable suggestions for improving and expanding the program. In 2007, the Bundeswehr acquired an s/mail corporate license.

More information

More information about cryptovision’s email encryption solution at the German armed forces is available on Heise Online.

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