Integration e-ID documents

Application Integration

Modern e-ID documents can contain a wealth of interesting applications, both in the public and in the private sector, for example:

  • identification on the basis of biometric data, e.g. for border controls
  • reading of verified personal data, e.g. when online retailers have to check the address or the age of their customers
  • proof of authorizations, e.g. for driving license checks
  • authentication, e.g. in e-government processes
  • “eVoting” – here the document could be used for identity verification, for checking voting rights or for anonymously casting electronic votes
​User acceptance of such applications depends on the right infrastructure and seamless integration of the document into client and mobile applications. An essential component of such a solution is therefore a suitable “middleware” for the integration of card services. cryptovision’s middleware solution for all common eID use cases is SCalibur.

In addition to SCalibur cryptovision also offers the separate middleware solution SCinterface for all use cases based on digital end user certificates like electronic signing or authentication. SCinterface supports not only cards with cryptovision’s own ePasslet Suite but more than 90 other chip card operating systems and profiles. This secures a customer’s investment and provides for smooth migration paths whenever there is need to transition from one eID card implementation or generation to another.

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