cryptovision guarantees the safety of the Siemens HiMed Cockpit

The challenge for Siemens

HiMed Cockpit from Siemens is a successful multimedia terminal for the hospital bed. It “offers patients comfort in a new dimension” (Siemens website). With the HiMed Cockpit, patients can make phone calls, watch TV, surf the Internet, obtain information via a patient portal, use various applications and more. The integrated camera even enables a virtual visit to the hospital by relatives.

The HiMed Cockpit is also a great help for doctors and nurses. It can be connected to the hospital information system, allowing a doctor, for example, to view a patient’s medical record at the bedside. Thanks to smartcard authentication, the security of sensitive data is guaranteed at all times.


Our solution for Siemens

cryptovision has developed an extension of the smartcard middleware SCinterface for Siemens. This is used on the HiMed cockpits and enables the secure login of a doctor or nurse.

Middleware extension for Siemens HiMed Cockpit

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