5G Security

Protect your 5G Networks


5G deployments imply that in the future much more devices will be connected and communicating than in today’s classical 4G mobile networks.

Naturally, with higher volumes comes higher security needs: more antennas, more mobile devices, more operator interactions. The attack surface is increasing dramatically!

Security and compliance standards are evolving, new communication protocols deployed that require additional security layers and migration efforts from 4G to 5G: 3GGP TS 33.210, TS33.310, TS.401, hybrid 5G NSA, 5G SA

Core network and Radio Access Network (RAN) require their network elements (eNodeB, gNodeB, security gateways) to be authenticated by deploying digital identities, enabling secured communications between the RAN elements and the Core network. Telco operators need therefore to upgrade and evolve mobile network infrastructures.

IDnomic PKI issues digital identities for all type of IOT network connected devices, ranging from 4G/5G antennae, secure gateways, to individual smartphones to protect information exchange throughout the mobile network.

We accompany Telco operators in their 4G to 5G evolution, step by step.

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