Industry 4.0

Industries get smart: factory / metering / grid


One of the biggest impact of the “Internet of Everything” can be found in industry ecosystems. IT/OT convergence, smart controllers pushing production data onto IOT platforms, smart grids helping intelligent energy distributing management, IP cameras, ubiquitous connected automatization equipment. All industry sectors are experiencing the same revolution of intelligent, connected devices that capture and transmit data.

On the other hand, with the increasing number of devices and the extremely large amount of sensitive information stored and transmitted, security becomes crucial:

  • How to unambiguously trust the identity of a device ?
  • How to guarantee confidentiality of sensitive information ?
  • How to protect data from being modified ?

Cryptovison and IDnomic products enable you to set up digital identity solutions, based on secure elements, electronic certificates and application software.

  • high secure cryptographic hardware as ideal added value component for large scale projects.
  • CardOS is a versatile native smart card operating system including applications for IOT use cases.
  • IDnomic PKI suite produces digital device identites and supports a big variety of enrollment protocols (SCEP, EST, BRSKI, etc.) tailored for IOT.
  • IDnomic Sign enables code signing to guarantee integrity of device firmware.

Our combined portfolio from Cryptovision and IDnomic enables implementing IOT projects for all industry sectors and supporting all steps from proof-of-concepts to large scale deployments.

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