Digital Signature

Guarantee integrity of sensitive data

In a context where organizations are moving to paperless transactions, it is necessary to electronically sign documents and data to guarantee their integrity and to be able to bring the proof of acceptance by the signer. The signature must be verified strictly to detect any possible cause for invalidity.

Electronic signatures therefore guarantee the integrity of documents and identify the signers. Once a signer has produced a signature and the signature has been verified, the data is hence securely sealed and may no longer be repudiated.

Signature processes are applied to all kind of business needs, whether it concerns an enterprise’s administrative workflows or industrial use cases for technical equipment. IDnomic Sign covers a large variety of uses cases and in particular the following ones:

  • Token or remote signature for users
  • Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)
  • (Qualified) electronic seals
  • Code signing for integrity and authenticity of critical software updates
  • Timestamping application

For enterprise, industry, health and administration sectors, IDnomic Sign offers  a highly secure and user-friendly platform solution for digital signature needs.
Additionally, CardOS allows to implement smart card resident signature workflows and our middleware solution cryptovision SCinterface allows to integrate them in IT environments. IDnomic PKI provides for both solutions trusted digital certificates for advanced and qualified electronic signature schemes .

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