Digital signatures from cryptovision secure Elster measuring instruments

The challenge for Elster

Elster is a German manufacturer of solutions for the gas, electricity and water treatment industry based in Mainz, Germany. The company’s portfolio, which employs 7,000 people, includes measurement technology in particular. Elster has been part of the Honeywell Group since 2015.

It goes without saying that data security plays an important role in measurement technology. For a consumer, for example, it can be worthwhile to manipulate the amount of gas consumed downwards in order to have to pay less. As digitalization and networking continue to increase in the energy supply sector, the corresponding measuring devices are increasingly becoming an integral part of the Internet of Things. The measured data must therefore be protected with encryption, digital signatures and other IT security measures.


Our solution for Elster

Elster opted for a cryptovision solution for the protection of digital data in two application areas. One of them is the sending of billing-relevant data at transfer points between gas suppliers. These are measurements of volumes and gas qualities at locations that are usually outside populated areas. Digital signatures from cryptovision protect the sent measurement results from manipulation.

The second area of application is the protection of firmware updates for numerous gas and electricity measuring instruments. Digital signatures from cryptovision ensure that only software authorized by Elster is executed on the devices.


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