Citizen Digital Identities

Manage trusted citizen digital identities


Governments hold a key role in this approach as citizen rely massively on national authorities as reference of legitimate identity.

With the evolution of ID documents to electronic chip-based technology came the transposition of a Citizen’s physical identity into the cyberspace : electronic  (or digital) identity.

Our solutions and products allow governments, agencies, and system integrators to produce and manages digital identities for national large-scale projects.

Based on Public Key Infrastructure, electronic certificates are managed for various usages.

Emphasizing the need for highly secure, reliable, user friendly and future-proof solutions, Idnomic PKI, our PKI suite, is Common Criteria EAL4+ certified, scalable and allows to generate hundreds of millions of electronic certificates for typical eID use cases such as:

  • Smart card based strong authentication
  • Local of remote electronic signature
  • Encryption of private data

Cryptovision SCinterface and IDnomic CMS (Credential Management Sysem) and   complete the product offer for Citizen digital identities.

At the forefront of innovation, IDnomic PKI suite is also prepared for future crypto paradigms and especially PostQuantum Cryptography (PQC).


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