Our middleware is used in all Volkswagen subareas

The challenge for VW

Mac computers, on which the macOS operating system runs, have enjoyed increasing popularity within the Volkswagen Group for years. This leads to conflicts with the company’s security guidelines. The IT infrastructure at Volkswagen is protected in many places by smart cards, which is not compatible with the traditionally weak smart card support of Apple products. Moreover, since the smartcard middleware used by Volkswagen cannot run on macOS, the use of smartcards on Macs was not possible at Volkswagen for a long time. This meant that Mac users had to log on to the PC and various applications as well as encrypt and digitally sign with software solutions, which affected both security and user-friendliness.


Our solution for VW

To close the macOS gap, Volkswagen decided to use SCinterface, the smartcard middleware from cryptovision. SCinterface is one of the most versatile solutions of its kind on the worldwide market and as such also executable on the macOS. The smartcard weakness of the Mac is fixed with SCinterface.

SCinterface for macOS is now used in all Volkswagen sub-areas, including VW, Audi and the Autostadt.

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