Atos uses key roaming with remote/CSP from cryptovision

The challenge for Atos

Atos is a French IT service provider with 120,000 employees. The company operates a trust center that covers the full range of PKI services, from registration and certification to the provision and publication of certificates on directory services. The private keys were originally stored on a smart card, USB stick or soft PSE. In addition, Atos decided to offer PKI customers private key storage on a protected server (key roaming).

Key Roaming is a solution that allows access to a private key from almost anywhere, but does not require any hardware (smart card or USB stick) and thus saves costs. The operation of a key roaming server can be regarded as SaaS (Software as a Service).


Our solution for Atos

Atos decided to use the remote/CSP from cryptovision to realize the key roaming. The remote/CSP is installed on the PC of the PKI user and emulates a smartcard compared to an application program. However, the remote/CSP does not access such a smart card, but a key roaming server. The application therefore does not have to be adapted to key roaming.


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