The University Hospital of Würzburg operates its PKI with PKIntegrated

The challenge for the University Hospital Würzburg

The University Hospital Würzburg is one of the largest hospitals in Bavaria. In addition to more than 4,000 employees, there are numerous external IT users. Like every hospital, the University Hospital Würzburg attaches great importance to IT security, since patient data must be protected.

In order to meet the high security requirements, the University Hospital Würzburg has introduced strong encryption and authentication mechanisms based on digital certificates. These protect different medical IT applications. Wherever possible, private keys are stored on smart cards. Software keys are only used in exceptional cases. The University Hospital of Würzburg has set up a public key infrastructure (PKI) to manage the digital certificates.


Our solution for the University Hospital Würzburg

The certification authority (CA) of the PKI of the University Hospital Würzburg is operated with PKIntegrated by cryptovision. This high-end product proved to be optimal as it is seamlessly integrated into the identity management solution of Micro Focus used by the hospital.

Micro Focus’s identity management solution (with products such as eDirectory, Identity Manager and iManager) used to be a family of products from the US software giant Novell. Novell was acquired in 2010 and later merged into Micro Focus. cryptovision has been a partner of Novell and its successors for 15 years. The PKI solution PKIntegrated is seamlessly integrated into the identity management of Micro Focus. The University Hospital of Würzburg, a long-term Novell and Micro Focus customer, quickly realized that PKIntegrated was an ideal fit for its environment. PKIntegrated has been in operation there for over five years.

In addition to PKIntegrated, the University Hospital of Würzburg also uses the smartcard middleware SCinterface from cryptovision. This connects the PCs of the users with the cards. Another solution is a card management system from Nexus Technologies.

The University Hospital Würzburg is one of many cryptovision customers in the healthcare sector. Most of them are large hospitals with complex IT infrastructures that have to protect their data reliably without affecting the often life-critical work of their staff.

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