Eviden Digital Security is delighted to announce that their Java Card framework cryptovision ePasslet Suite v4.0 – NXP eDoc Suite v4.0 – has received Common Criteria (CC) EAL5+ certifications on NXP’s JCOP4.5 P71 Java Card platform.

Apart from a wide variety of applications and features supported, cryptovision ePasslet Suite v4.0 on JCOP4.5 P71 features biometric match-on-card methods for fingerprint and face verification covered by Common Criteria certification of the product for Secure Signature Creation Devie (SSCD) configurations allowing use of the biometric methods together with PIN in digital signature creation flows.

cryptovision ePasslet Suite provides applets for various eID document applications, including electronic passports, eIDAS-compliant ID and signature cards, international electronic driver’s licenses, electronic health cards (eHIC), custom national eID cards and more.

In addition, ePasslet Suite can be freely customized through various configuration options. It can evolve to support new use cases and applications while retaining Common Criteria (CC) certification of its certified applications, thereby enabling multi-application cards and documents.  It is available in three editions, offering cost-efficient configurations for standard as well as high-end and customized ID document solutions. Samples of the solution are now available on request.

cryptovision ePasslet Suite website: https://www.cryptovision.com/en/products/secure-id-applications/epasslet-suite/