Company ID for all requirements

Company ID: the “Swiss knife” for all identity requirements

Government agencies and companies today have to implement a multitude of applications in order to be able to work efficiently. It is important that digital business processes are secure. Against this background cryptovision has developed the solution Company ID. With it the verified digital identities of employees can be made usable for all digital business processes in an organization. It is virtually the “Swiss knife” for all identity requirements.

The decisive added value: Thanks to Company ID, all – even the security-critical – business processes can be managed with a single security token.

These include, for example:

  • Identification (optical and electronic)
  • Access control (physical and digital)
  • Authentication (two factor to multiple factor, FA/MFA)
  • Canteen/automatic payment function
  • Electronic signature of work steps and documents
  • Confidential exchange of messages and data (also classification VS-NfD-compliant)
  • Authentication of incoming messages
  • Goods and material issue with direct assignment or calculation (cost center/department)
  • Integration of external employees, customers, partners and suppliers also possible

Company ID – the multifunctional security platform – reduces complexity, is efficient, increases security and saves time and money. In addition, it is very user-friendly and therefore enjoys a high level of user acceptance. The software does not necessarily have to be installed on the system, but can also be downloaded automatically with Minidriver.

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