Digital anywhere, anytime


Whether for business or private activities, the smartphone has become our daily life’s central online device. As a remote access tool or as an application environment per se, it is nowadays impossible to conceive digital use cases that are not supporting mobile user experiences.

Along with similar evolutions in digital transformation, electronic identities are essential for a controlled access, usage and clear separation of sensitive information between company and private domains.

Trusted digital identities for users, mobile devices and network infrastructures are as important as high security applications like qualified electronic signature or secure email and file encryption, supporting mobile business processes

Our solution covers widespread use cases and are completely integrated into mobile user experiences:

  • Logical access based on virtual smart card for smartphone
  • Trusted digital device identities through MDM partnerships
  • Strong Authentication (FIDO) between token and mobile phone
  • Secure Remote Electronic Signature
  • Secure email encryption

Combined IDnomic and Cryptovision products extend our approach for the whole value chain of a mobile centric offer. From user and device identities, secure communication to applications


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