cryptovision SCinterface VSC

SCinterface VSC offers a seamless transition from physical smart cards to TPM-based virtual smart cards, ensuring future-proof, secure, and efficient certificate-based two-factor authentication solutions.

Revolutionizing smart card technology: In a world where physical smart cards may not always be practical, SCinterface VSC bridges the gap with its innovative approach. Utilizing a Trusted Platform Module (TPM), SCinterface VSC empowers you to emulate smart card functionalities seamlessly. Whether with or without a TPM or in a hybrid mode, SCinterface VSC delivers unparalleled flexibility and security.

Why choose SCinterface VSC?

Security anchored in TPM: Protect your virtual smart card against manipulation with the trusted hardware security anchor of TPM, ensuring the integrity of your sensitive data.

Seamless migration: Bid farewell to the limitations of Microsoft Virtual Smart Card (MS VSC). SCinterface VSC offers a smooth transition, preserving all familiar functions while introducing powerful features for enhanced performance.

Flexible back end: Unlike its counterparts, SCinterface VSC supports hybrid mode, enabling use of key lengths, types and algorithms not supported by TPM 2.0 while still adding in a layer of TPM-based protection. The X-Store functionality expands usage scenarios, catering to diverse needs effortlessly.

Future-proof functionality: With SCinterface supporting over 100 smart cards and tokens, SCinterface VSC ensures compatibility and easy migration. Its use of crypto interfaces like PKCS#11 and Microsoft CNG guarantees seamless integration across applications.

Enhanced security: Enjoy peace of mind with SCinterface VSC’s advanced security measures. From secure key injection to binding key material to hardware components, your data remains protected at all times.


Technical Specifications

  • Operating Systems: Compatible with Windows 8.1, 10, 11, and Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016, 2019.
  • Formats: Supports PKCS#15, ISO/IEC 7816, PC/SC, ISO/IEC 19794-2, PKCS#10, PKCS#12.
  • TPM: Designed for TPM 2.0, ensuring robust security measures.
  • Crypto Interfaces: Interacts seamlessly with PKCS#11 and Microsoft Minidriver.
  • Crypto Algorithms and Key Lengths: Offers support for a wide range of cryptographic algorithms and key lengths, ensuring versatility and adaptability to your security needs.

Benefits of SCinterface VSC

  • TPM emulation: Harness the power of TPM to emulate all smart card functions effortlessly.
  • Crypto interfaces: Utilize crypto interfaces like PKCS#11 and Microsoft CNG for enhanced cryptographic operations.
  • X-Store functionality: Expand your possibilities with secure storage outside TPM, supporting additional functions like storing crypto keys and using 3K/4K RSA keys.
  • Simple migration: Switch seamlessly from Microsoft VSC to SCinterface VSC without sacrificing functionality, ensuring a hassle-free transition.
  • ISO/IEC standards: Comply with industry standards with support for ISO/IEC 7816 and PKCS#15, ensuring interoperability and reliability.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Join leading organizations like Allianz, EON, and the European Patent Office in leveraging the power of SCinterface for secure authentication and data protection.

Unlock the potential of secure two-factor authentication with SCinterface VSC.

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