Introducing club cv


  • club cv is more than your average partner program: it is a platform to exchange ideas and to meet like-minded individuals and companies, who share our vision of cryptographic excellence.

  • It facilitates the use of cryptovision’s product portfolio as well as broad compatibility of our software with a wide range of security solutions.


  • In its structure, it offers multiple tiers for our Volume Partners as well as Member and Strategy levels.


  • club cv members and partners will be the core of our global network with different levels of involvement and integration.


  • Partner level companies are our valued resellers, independent soft- and hardware vendors, certified service providers and  technology partners, who integrate our products into their solution and vice versa.

club cv members

club cv Benefits


  • Base discounts & lead registration rewards
  • Access to sales leads
  • Regular joint business alignment
  • Pre-sales and conceptual support
  • Sales training


  • Digital, worldwide and on-site technical training
  • Design-in and product integration support
  • Early product release information


  • Joint PR and Marketing activities
  • VIP invitations to legendary Mindshare and Crytptonite events
  • Networking and socializing with all club cv members

*Benefits vary according to club cv category and tier

Club cv Volume Partners are able to actively resell our range of security products and thus strengthen their own portfolio. We will help our partners become experts and feel confident in delivering best-in-class solutions.

Strategy Partners may have their own solution that uses or that interacts with cryptovision components. We will make sure that our products are interoperable and compatible in order for our partners to have the best offering for their end customers.

Overview club cv Benefits








Staggered discounts + lead registration rewards


Eligible for relevant partner leads from cryptovision funnel




Contingent „Consultant“ to be used for pre-sales support, PoC or conceptual work


2 days

5 days


Technical training


Sales training




Worldwide on-site trainings



2-3 days*

2-3 days

Welcome Package with club cv badge

Invitation to cryptovision events (Mindshare, Cryptonite, Webinars)

2 Pax

3 Pax

5 Pax

2 Pax

Logo listing on club cv page at cryptovision.com

Regular club cv updates via newsletter

Detailed technical information e.g. for integration


Joint project publications & PR support


Mindshare VIP Invitation (Pre. Conf. Dinner, Exec. Lunch)




Nomination for an 2 Person all expenses Mindshare attendance





Overview club cv Commitments








Annual turnover tier structure






Minimum of cryptovision trained sales people on staff






Minimum of cryptovision trained engineers on staff






Provide 1st and 2nd level support to end customer





Lead registration (to receive commission)



Provide  business plan




Provide and maintain forecast




Vice versa product release exchange






Partner Logo provided for club cv site

Willingness to display the cv logo on partners website

Relevant business connection with cryptovision

Interested in becoming a Member?

Registration for club cv membership

club cv is the partner program for the business areas IT Security, IoT and eID of cv cryptovision GmbH (“cryptovision”).

The aim of club cv is the benevolent and partnership-based cooperation between cryptovision and the club cv Member through joint marketing activities. This will not create any relationship between cryptovision and the club cv Member in terms of company law.

After the online registration and the subsequent e-mail greeting to the club cv Member by cryptovision, the membership of the club cv Member starts, which can be terminated at any time by e-mail to club-cv@cryptovision.com.

As club cv Member you will receive invitations to cryptovision events and regular club cv updates via newsletter.

cryptovision will list the club cv Member in the club cv section on the website www.cryptovision.com. This includes the textual presentation of the club cv Member’s company description and a hyperlink to the club cv Member’s website.

The club cv Member agrees that their company, their firm, their logos and trademarks may be mentioned in the public relations of club cv and cryptovision as club cv Members, provided that these mentions are made without infringement of intellectual property rights. The club cv Member will provide cryptovision on request with appropriate material and a company description not exceeding 300 words.

The club cv Member shall also promote and support the membership in the club cv and the cooperation with cryptovision with his marketing activities (e.g. web presence etc.)

Since club cv aims to work with as many companies as possible, club cv Members do not have an exclusive right to cooperate.

Please specify within your company who is to be the main contact between club cv and your company.

The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory fields and will only be used to contact you via the cryptovision newsletter. If you no longer wish to receive this newsletter, you can use the opt-out function at the end. The data categories used can be seen in the input mask. All data provided by you will be used exclusively for the personalisation of our newsletter. They will not be passed on to third parties. All information is voluntary. We use anonymous link tracking for statistical purposes. To avoid that the cryptovision newsletter is automatically moved to your spam folder, please add our sender address to your personal address book. Our newsletter contains information about our products, offers, activities and about our company. Information on data protection, revocation, logging and measuring the success of your consent can be found in our privacy statement.


Club Director


Phone:  +49 209 167 2479
Mobile: +49 160 744 0251

Partner Manager Sales


Phone:  +49 209 167 2457
Mobile: +49 160 744 0248