OT Security

Best protection against cyberthreats in manufacturing industries


All major industry sectors such as energy, transportation or manufacturing are more than ever exposed to cyber risks. Adapted security strategies must therefore involve measures to protect hardware, software, and networks.

Delivering a solution for Operational Technology (OT) Security which protects  industrial control systems, critical infrastructures, and manufacturing processes is at the center of our business.

Industrial IOT devices play a key role in this new threat management, as they increase the attack surface dramatically, due to their number and network connectivity.

By proposing in 2022 the Cyber Resilience Act, the EU is already adjusting the law, to take this trend into consideration.

On the industry side, IEC 62443 sets the reference as international standard for industrial cybersecurity, providing guidelines to assess, mitigate, and manage cybersecurity risks in industrial automation and control systems, enhancing the resilience of critical infrastructure.

Therefore, from a security point of view, it’s vital to secure the entire chain, from equipment production to deployment and updating of devices.

Based on our expertise in trusted digital identity management, we have developed a professional response to these increasing OT security needs, which is based on the Zero Touch Onboarding (ZTO) concept.

ZTO is a scheme for the protection of IOT devices and the automatization of their lifecycle management which perfectly enables you to

  • Manage securely device provisioning between manufacturing and customer site.
  • Connect without risk new industrial devices with your network.
  • Help you to automate configuration and installation of new devices.

By combining different cryptovison and IDnomic products, such as secured cryptographic microSD token and PKI software, Eviden has set up a ZTO solution, consisting of following building blocks:

  • Middleware applications
  • MASA (Manufacturer Authorized Signing Authority) – a trusted authority to check that device comes from reliable, recognized manufacturers.
  • Domain Registrar – which operates as a local entity allowing the device to retrieve a certificate in an automatic and secure way.
  • Domain PKI to issue to device digital certificates and ensure full compliancy with IETF standards, such as RFC 8995, RFC 7030.
  • Provision of electronic certificates used for firmware code signing via a signature application.

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