cryptovision Pendragon

cryptovision Pendragon in a PKI client that allows the user to generate key pairs, submit certificate requests and manage these credentials through a convenient user interface. 

cryptovision Pendragon enables the user to generate key pairs and submit certificate requests via a convenient user interface, even if different stores (smartcard, Windows Keystore incl. smartcard connection, Java Key Store, as well as the cryptovision Keymaster as key server or other hardware tokens) are used.
Extensive configuration options enable dialog-guided user guidance, which guides the user through the certificate management process. This makes the processes extremely user-friendly and transparent. Extracted information from the current directory service tells the PKI client which certificates the user should have, thus enabling a comparison with the local certificate store. This means that all of the user’s certificates can be kept up to date.
The advantages of Pendragon result from the interaction with a workflow engine, e.g. Shalott. With the help of these solutions, an almost arbitrary process for certificate creation can be defined, which, in addition to the user-friendly request for a certificate, also includes, for example, confirmation of a certificate creation by an administrator (4-eyes principle).

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