Certificate Monitor

X.509v3 electronic certificates are today’s best means to secure your server network. As a consequence, managing efficiently a great number of servers requires an automated process to ensure full coverage.

With the ever-growing extension of intranet and internet connected network devices, managing in automated way is the only viable approach to ensure a high degree of protection.

This method, also known as PKI Automation, can be implemented with Certificate Monitor​, our automated digital certificate lifecycle management and audit solution.

Connected to your external and internal PKIs, Certificate Monitor provides you a simple and intuitive interface. It helps you increase security, reduce outages and service interruptions while lessening the charge on your operational security teams.

It implements in particular following use cases:

  • A certificate health-check solution for your infrastructure: a centralized interface for your entire fleet of digital certificates.
  • A certificate requests center: an unified Registration Authority for all your PKIs.
  • A risk prevention solution: manage automatically the renewal, notify your PKI administrator of the certificate expiry and record critical activities on your digital certificates.
  • A compliance enforcement solution: ensure the good application of the defined compliance policies within your organization.
  • Enrollment of new users and new machines: allows the generation of the keypair locally on the user’s computer, or on the server as well as the secure installation of the certificate.


IDnomic Certificate Monitor​ implements three main functions:

  • Complete Discovery of your fleet of digital certificates
  • Centralized Interface to manage the certificate lifecycle.
  • Automatic Renewal of digital certificates

It supports the following enrollment protocols:


  • ACME
  • SCEP
  • Protocol owner (API REST)
Supported PKI products:

  • IDnomic PKI
  • IDnomic OT PKI
  • Smart ID Certificate Manager by Nexus
  • EJBCA by Primekey
  • Microsoft AD CS
  • Digicert
  • Sectigo

Supported third party stack:

  • Apache
  • Microsoft IIS
  • Weblogic
  • Docker Entreprise
  • F5 BigIP Appliance
  • Tomcat
  • File system (PEM, DER, P7B, JKS, PKCS#12, PFX, …)
  • Wildfly
  • JBoss

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