IDnomic ePass PKI

Electronic and biometric passports are critical sovereign travel documents and require a very high level of protection to guarantee both document authenticity and controlled access to sensitive personal data of the holder.

The need to guarantee document authenticity and biometric data privacy on travel documents have pushed the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the EU to issue frameworks of standards which require implementation of Public key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions, i.e.  ICAO Doc9303 and EU TR 03110.

IDnomic ePass PKI is a software suite which covers all aspects of epassport security, from secure production of sovereign electronic travel documents to implementation of trusted digital identities for inspection terminals (IS) in order to read out biometric data.

An important place is also given to the interoperability modules, which are fully compliant to stringent international standards.

IDnomic ePass PKI suite enables our customers to deploy their epassport production and inspection projects with confidence and to rely on strictly compliant and future proof PKI products.


IDnomic ePass PKI provides all necessary software modules to implement ICAO 9303 and EU TR 03110 part 1 specified and standardized PKI systems including the international interoperability schemes PKD and SPOC.

IDnomic ePass PKI suite for BAC/SAC:

  • Country Signing Certification Authority (CSCA)

Offline Root CA issuing DS certificates

  • Document Signer (DS)

Signature server, interfacing the production chain

  • National PKD (N-PKD)

Module interfacing the ICAO Public Key Directory

IDnomic ePass PKI suite for EAC:

  • Country Verifying Certification Authority (CVCA)

Offline Root CA issuing DVCA certificates

  • Document Verifier Certification Authority (DVCA)

Online CA issuing inspection system certificates (IS)

  • Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

Module interfacing with other SPOC to exchange terminal certificates

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