IDnomic Sign

In a context where organizations are moving to paperless transactions, it is necessary to electronically sign documents to guarantee their integrity and to be able to provide a proof of acceptance by the signer. The signature has to be verified strictly to detect any possible cause for invalidity. IDnomic Sign is an overall solution to create and verify electronic signatures for various use cases.
Electronic signatures ensure document integrity and identify signatories. Once a signatory has produced a signature and it has been validated, he or she can no longer repudiate it. This is the essential property of a non-repudiation service.
With IDnomic Sign, Eviden offers a highly secure, high-performance and flexible electronic signature platform that integrates natively with the components of a trusted infrastructure. Available as software or in SaaS mode, IDnomic Sign facilitates the dematerialization of business processes and thus the digital transformation of organizations.

IDnomic Sign use cases

The IDnomic Sign server enables companies to implement a secure, centralized electronic signature strategy within their information systems:

  • Lifecycle management of signatories’ cryptographic keys, in order to carry out a remote electronic signature.
  • Definition by the company, depending on degree of sensitivity, of the signature policy to be applied (formats, signature algorithm, key length, etc.).
  • Creation of signatures for legal entities (electronic seal mode) or personal signatures
  • Implementation of signature workflows to orchestrate the signing of a document by the various parties in a business procedure
  • Enhanced, customized visual signature management for PAdES formats
  • A general dashboard presenting the main operating indicators of the signature server


IDnomic Sign generates and verifies advanced electronic signatures in CAdES, XAdES and PAdES formats in compliance with standardized signature policies. The solution offers the following main functions:

Signature creation:

creationin the expected format using the signature policy and the configured resource.

Immediate verification and augmentation:

cryptographic verification after creation and addition of information to maintain its longterm validity with a detailed report.

Subsequent verification:

a posteriori verification with detailed report

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