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Manifesting change in times of fear

Manifesting change in times of fear

The events that have taken place during 2020 seem to have put us all at great distance. The pandemic has shrouded the world in a fog of fears of death and illness. But it’s not just the disease itself, which causes hardship to people: coronavirus

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2020-11-16 - Cryptovision presents ePasslet Suite on Infineon SECORA ID X at SDW Virtual

At this year’s SDW Virtual, cryptovision presents its ePasslet Suite V3 on SECORA™ ID X, the new Java Card™ platform from Infineon. With the help of ePasslet Suite, users of SECORA™ ID X will be able to put numerous eID functions into practice easily and flexibly. A presentation will be displayed in the SDW Virtual “Technology Showcase” section.

Cryptovision’s ePasslet Suite on SECORA™ ID X provides applets for various eID document applications, including electronic passports, eIDAS-compliant ID and signature cards, international electronic driver’s licenses, electronic health cards (eHIC), custom national eID cards and more. ePasslet Suite V3 also supports ICAO LDS 2.0, an extension of electronic passports with electronic visas and entry and exit stamps.

In addition, ePasslet Suite on SECORA™ ID X can be freely customized through various configuration options. It can evolve to support new use cases and applications while retaining Common Criteria (CC) certification, thereby enabling multi-application cards and documents.

“We are delighted to have reached a further milestone on our path to offer modular, standard-based eID solutions on all major chip platforms. Government customers across the world will benefit from this broadened portfolio,” states cryptovision’s CEO Markus Hoffmeister.

ePasslet Suite on SECORA™ ID X is being certified according to Common Criteria (CC) EAL 5+. It is available in three editions, offering cost-efficient configurations for standard as well as high-end and customized ID document solutions. Samples of the solution are now available on request.

With Infineon’s SECORA™ ID X as additional platform for ePasslet Suite, cryptovision extends its offering for international eID customers: Infineon’s expertise is based on more than 200 government ID projects that cover more than 75 percent of the world’s population.

About SDW Virtual

In 2020, SDW is going virtual with a three-day exhibition, a conference as well as peer-to peer networking and targeted interactive round tables. cryptovision is represented with a virtual booth as well as speakers in the conference program.

2020-09-08 - Cryptovision strengthens management team

cryptovision reacts to increasing demand for identity-based security solutions

cv cryptovision GmbH, a leading manufacturer of encryption solutions for companies and public authorities, is preparing for the growing demand in the area of identity-based security solutions and is strengthening its management team: Manager Stefan Frenzel took up the position of Senior Vice President Sales on August 1.

After a successful 2019, the forecasts for the coming years are also consistently positive. cryptovision is still on a growth path and strengthens the management team in the course of this development. With the appointment of Stefan Frenzel as Senior Vice President Sales, the company underpins its course to develop solutions for the security of electronic identities. Stefan Frenzel has held numerous operational and strategic management positions in international technology companies, including Cherry GmbH and HID Global. Most recently, he was Head of Sales at the high-tech company Distec GmbH.

Marco Smeja, the former Head of Sales at cv cryptovision, was promoted to second Managing Director and CSO last year and in this position is responsible for other business areas beyond sales, including consulting and legal.

Commenting on the new sales management appointment, Smeja says: “cryptovision is a dynamic and flexible company with an outstanding product portfolio. We are pleased to have won Stefan Frenzel, a manager with valuable experience in the international ID security market. With his support, we will continue to drive the positive development of cryptovision not only in the international segment of electronic ID cards and passports with our portfolio around the ePasslet Suite”.

cryptovision develops, among other things, security solutions that sign and encrypt company data such as e-mails and files. The Gelsenkirchen-based company offers numerous security solutions certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), such as the product GreenShield. It allows the processing and transmission of information with the classification level “Classified information – for official use only (VS – NfD)”.

2019-05-21 - GreenShield sets new standards in email and file security

The only e-mail and file encryption software approved by the BSI up to VS-NfD

Gelsenkirchen, 21 May 2019 – cv cryptovision GmbH, leading experts for modern cryptography, is launching a new e-mail and file encryption software: GreenShield. The solution enables authorities and companies to encrypt and exchange confidential content at the VS-NfD security level. The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has approved GreenShield as the only e-mail and file encryption software for the transmission and processing of national classified information up to and including VS-NfD, NATO Restricted and EU Restricted. cryptovision is represented at the German IT Security Congress of the BSI in Bonn, which starts today, and will present the new software there until Thursday.

Protecting confidential information in just a few seconds

GreenShield Suite is a complete solution for encrypting and signing emails and files in seconds. It uses end-to-end encryption with the strongest encryption methods currently available. GreenShield Suite consists of the products GreenShield File and GreenShield Mail. With GreenShield File, files can be encrypted and securely stored in the familiar working environment. GreenShield Mail integrates itself into the respective e-mail systems and thus enables the secure processing of e-mails including attachments. Both components are based on the same security kernel approved by the BSI, which allows the integration of defined security tokens.

Extensive expertise for the VS market

Since its foundation in 1999, cryptovision has been exclusively concerned with encryption technology and has developed the VS-NfD-approved e-mail security solution s/mail. cryptovision has incorporated this expertise into its successor solution GreenShield.

2019-05-14 - Jacolyn: The new safety core for regulated IoT markets

First application in “Technische Sicherheitseinrichtung” (TSE) for cash registers

Gelsenkirchen, 2019-05-14. cv cryptovision GmbH presents the “Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP)” security module Jacolyn for the first time at this year’s Mindshare Conference (14. + 15.5.). Jacolyn provides cryptographic functions based on suitable security hardware to protect the confidentiality and integrity of user data and to generate digital signatures. The underlying CSP concept developed by the German security agency BSI encapsulates crypto functions. Jacolyn can therefore be easily and risk-free integrated into applications with high security requirements without special cryptographic knowledge.

The first Jacolyn-based solution from cryptovision is a so-called Technische Sicherheitseinrichtigung (TSE) for cash registers to protect against manipulation. The TSE is developed in cooperation with Bundesdruckerei GmbH. From 1 January 2020, electronic cash register systems must have a TSE certified by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) with a security module, a storage medium and a universal digital interface.

The TSE from cryptovision, which is mandatory for the protection of cash registers, contains a security module consisting of the CSP Jacolyn and the “Security Module Application for Electronic Record-keeping Systems” (SMAERS) as well as a memory module and a universal digital interface for integration into the cash register software. SMAERS and Jacolyn are in the legally required certification process. Preliminary approval by the BSI is expected by the middle of the year. On the basis of this approval cryptovision can deliver a legally compliant solution from the fourth quarter of 2019.

“The regulatory framework of the Kassensicherungsverordnung and the requirements of the BSI for a TSE are extremely demanding. We are pleased that cryptovision as one of the first certified TSE suppliers can contribute to the timely implementation of fiscalization solutions,” says Markus Hoffmeister, CEO of cv cryptovision.

With Bundesdruckerei and other partners, cryptovision offers both versions of TSE for the implementation of the Kassensicherungsverordnung (KassenSichV): both token-based in the form factors µSD, SD, USB and for central solutions as firmware extensions for HSMs.

Cryptovision has more than ten years of experience in cash register security. Among other things, the company was significantly involved in the previous version of the cash register fiscalization, INSIKA, as well as in the development of the TIM module. Solutions based on INSIKA have already been successfully introduced to protect against manipulation of taximeters.

Universal, certified security core for many applications

Jacolyn is currently certified according to the corresponding Common Criteria Protection Profile BSI-CC-PP-0104-2019 at level EAL 4+, the SMEARS application at level EAL 2+.

The first implementation of Jacolyn is based on the latest generation of Secure Embedded Elements for local use in integrated systems and IoT devices. In parallel cryptovision develops a firmware extension for hardware security modules (HSM) for central, cloud-based deployment scenarios.

2019-05-02 - Veronica von Preysing takes over Marketing Management at cryptovision

Veronica von Preysing (46) has been Senior Vice President Marketing at cv cryptovision GmbH in Gelsenkirchen since April 1, 2019. There she heads the marketing and communications team. Von Preysing (formerly Atkins) comes from the identity platform Verimi, where she was responsible for public administration. She previously worked for the agency Krowne Communications, where she was Director Consulting. In addition, von Preysing headed corporate communications at Bundesdruckerei GmbH for four years.

2017-12-20 - High-tech company cryptovision on a trip to Africa with Federal President Steinmeier

High-tech company cryptovision on Africa trip with Federal President Steinmeier

Markus Hoffmeister, Managing Director of the Gelsenkirchen-based company cryptovision, accompanied Federal President Steinmeier and Economics Minister Zypries on their state visit to Ghana and Gambia.

(PresseBox) ( Gelsenkirchen, 20.12.17 )

When Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier goes on a business trip, there is always a troop of other politicians and business representatives with him. This was also the case when the German head of state paid a state visit to the African countries of Ghana and Gambia in recent days. He was accompanied by Federal Economics Minister Brigitte Zypries and former Schalke footballer Gerald Asamoah, who was born in Ghana. The delegation also included some 15 top managers from German companies, including Markus Hoffmeister from Gelsenkirchen.

Hoffmeister is the founder and managing director of cryptovision, a company based in Gelsenkirchen’s Science Park. cryptovision specializes in electronic ID cards – a technology that is currently in great demand in developing and emerging countries. “Such countries often have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to registration of residents, the banking sector and digitisation,” Hoffmeister knows. “An electronic ID card is often an important prerequisite for modernization. The African countries Ghana and Nigeria have therefore started projects with cryptovision technology to supply the population with such ID documents.

Frank-Walter Steinmeiner and his delegation first travelled to Ghana. There the issue of electronic ID cards with cryptovision technology has already started. This trend-setting project is attracting more and more people in Ghana – numerous government representatives spoke to Hoffmeister about it. The Ghanaian provider Margins Group, partner of the government and actual customer of cryptovision, was involved in the state visit. The same applies to the women’s rights activist and Ghanaian telecommunications minister Ursula Owusu, who is closely associated with Hoffmeister’s company. She knows Gelsenkirchen, because this year she took part in the annual cryptovision conference Mindshare in the Science Park.

On the travel program stood among other things an encounter with the project Lionesses OF Africa . In the last three years, this initiative has made 500,000 African women self-employed. Hoffmeister was particularly impressed by the young entrepreneur Farida Bedwei, whose company Logiciel supplies about 250 banks in West Africa with financial software. The ID cards developed by cryptovision are likely to play an important role for Logiciel in the future, as they can also be used as payment cards and password replacements on the Internet.

From Ghana the delegation went on to Gambia in the far west of Africa. Since the beginning of 2017, the state, which has two million inhabitants, has been ruled by President Adama Barrow, who succeeded the long-time dictator Yahya Jammeh and is considered to be the bearer of hope. Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s visit to the Gambia was intended to support the country’s hoped-for transformation into a democracy.

Markus Hoffmeister was also able to make valuable contacts in Gambia. He was particularly enthusiastic about the reception the delegation was given there: “Apparently the whole country was on its feet. At the roadside there were people everywhere who waved flags at us and shouted ‘wonderful’.

After almost a week’s journey, the Federal President and his companions returned to Germany. Markus Hoffmeister was satisfied: “The trip was very interesting from a business point of view, but also an unforgettable experience”. He found the flight in the Federal President’s plane just as exciting as the discussions with other delegation members who are active, for example, in medical technology or the fruit trade. Hoffmeister was impressed by the organizational effort that was made. “The Office of the Federal President meticulously prepared every detail, no matter how small. Even the question of who is standing where was precisely regulated in advance for each appointment”.

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