The German Armed Forces encrypts mails with cryptovision solution

The challenge for BWI

BWI, a company owned by the federal government, operates the non-military IT infrastructure of the Bundeswehr. With 4,000 employees, BWI manages around 1,200 Bundeswehr properties and 140,000 PC workstations. In recent years, the existing IT infrastructure has been almost completely renewed. BWI is also responsible for the non-military e-mail communication of the Bundeswehr, which is largely handled via IBM Notes.

Our solution for BWI

Since 2007 the Bundeswehr has been using a cryptovision solution for encrypting e-mails. In contrast to some other e-mail encryption products, this solution is client-based and thus offers end-to-end security. In addition, it is available for both Notes and Outlook and also offers a number of functions that are particularly interesting for large user groups. cryptovsision’s email encryption is the only one of its kind to have VS-NfD, NATO Restricted and EU Restricted approval.

Other references from the industry