Retail & catering

Secure solutions for fiscalization

German retail outlets and the food service industry are currently facing a technical and logistical challenge: They have to make their cash register systems tamper-proof.

The corresponding law (“Kassensicherungsverordnung zum Manipulationsschutz von elektronischen Aufzeichnungssystemen”) stipulates that a “Technical Security Device” (TSE) must be installed in every cash register from 1 January 2020. With this TSE, the individual cash register transactions are to be digitally signed, thus minimizing possible VAT fraud.

The technical implementation requirements were specified by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) in corresponding Common Criteria protection profiles and technical guidelines. The core of these specifications is a universal security module, the “Cryptographic Service Provider” (CSP).

Cryptovision has developed a highly secure solution for this requirement.

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