With our card solution, CHL was able to abolish numerous passwords

The challenge for CHL

In a hospital not only high security requirements apply (not to be imagined if patient data fall into the hands of hackers), but also high demands on user-friendliness. For example, an emergency doctor or surgeon cannot deal with complicated passwords when a patient next door is in danger of death.

The Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL), which operates several clinics in Luxembourg, was therefore looking for a secure and user-friendly solution to eliminate as many passwords as possible with the same card (or token). With this one solution, a clinic employee should be able to enter the garage in the morning, log on to the PC, start various programs, operate time recording and pay in the canteen.


Our solution for CHL

With the multi-application card and the smartcard middleware from cryptovision, the CHL’s wish could be fulfilled in an ideal way. In the meantime, even more applications have been added to the originally planned ones. The employee card is now also used to digitally sign e-mails and workflows. The card solution has made CHL’s day-to-day work easier, while security has increased.

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