The PKI of the GhanaCard is one of the most modern in the world

The challenge for Ghana

With almost 30 million inhabitants, Ghana is an important city in West Africa. Thanks to political stability and numerous mineral resources, the economic situation has improved significantly in the last two decades, making Ghana one of the best developed countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

As an important project for the future, the Ghanaian government has launched an electronic identity card, the GhanaCard. The GhanaCard is a document with many applications. It can not only be used as an identity document – like any ID card – but also as a passport replacement within the West African ECOWAS region. In addition, the GhanaCard enables strong two-factor authentication – as a secure password replacement for online services. Digital signing of electronic documents is also possible with this card. With the GhanaCard it is even possible to pay – and citizens have the option of activating this function after issuing the card.

The Ghanaian government has ambitious goals for the GhanaCard. Within 12 months a total of 16 million cards are to be issued to the citizens of the country.



Our solution for Ghana

For the realization of the GhanaCard, the Ghanaian government relies on cryptovision technology. Both the software on the GhanaCard as well as the associated public key infrastructure (PKI) and the token-based access to the PKI were implemented by cryptovison. The PKI of the GhanaCard, which was developed for 16 million certificate holders, is one of the most modern certificate management systems worldwide. It comprises several certification authorities and several certificates on each card.

On 15 September 2017, Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo received the first GhanaCard.

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