Extensive use cases with our products

The challenge for Orange

Like all large enterprises, this major telecommunications provider wanted to provide strong authentication for internal IT and e-services, as well as for machines and central services. Orange decided to strengthen its public key infrastructure (PKI) and expand the number of applicable use cases.
The company’s goal was to establish and maintain a trusted environment for corporate IT and the “core” telecommunications network. In addition, internal user services, servers and infrastructure services, gateways and 4G/5G antennas, as well as customer applications for TV, boxes, payment applications, etc. were to be covered.


Our solution for Orange

Orange focuses on a single PKI system and bundles all its requirements for issuing and managing digital identities in the IDnomic PKI. This relates in particular to the ID CA for the central management of certificate authority lifecycles and the creation of digital certificates, as well as the ID RA, which is responsible for verifying the credentials of a certificate applicant.
Based on IDnomic PKI, Orange has delivered more than one hundred million electronic certificates to date.


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