Secure emails for the BMBF

The challenge for the BMBF

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) required a solution for encrypting and signing emails for around 1,500 users. In addition to a high level of security, user-friendliness was a particularly important criterion for this customer. In particular, the selected solution had to enable the smooth use of departmental mailboxes and offer automated key management. Seamless integration into existing infrastructures and processes also played an important role for the customer. Finally, it was a requirement of the customer that classified information could be processed and sent in some departments. At the same time, however, VS requirements are to be dispensed with in other departments.

Our solution for the BMBF

The BMBF opted for the cryptovision GreenShield product as it best met the requirements mentioned. GreenShield is one of the few solutions of its kind to be approved for processing documents up to classification level VS-NfD and is therefore ideally suited to the BMBF’s VS requirements. The digital certificates for VS-compliant communication are provided fully automatically by a sub-CA of the administrative PKI.


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