Banking security at European level

The challenge for Banco de Espana

The Banco de España (BdE) is the central bank of Spain. In addition to its regulatory function at the national level, it is part of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) and provides services to the central banks of all 27 European member states.
To enable the proper functioning of the ESCB, it is necessary to ensure the security of communications and transactions between banks and European central services, as well as the trustworthy identification of their operators.


Our solution for Banco de Espana

To cope with the complexity of the public sector and financial industry, we have implemented all major products of the IDnomic PKI suite, which enables BdE to successfully deliver key services at the European level.
The new on-premise PKI is a stable, secure, eIDAS-qualified, scalable and flexible solution that allows BdE to deploy up to 35,000 digital certificates required for the correct delivery of ESCB services.
BdE ensures security and stability for a highly sensitive service with a durable solution that has already proven its level of performance in critical services/infrastructures

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