Trusted identities for critical use cases

The challenge for ArianeGroup

The Ariane Group is a world leader in access to space, developing and manufacturing innovative launchers and providing civil and military space solutions. The company employs 7,000 people in France and Germany and has 11 subsidiaries and major partners.
As a typical aerospace industry requirement, ArianeGroup had a global requirement to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of data, whether accessed by physical or legal entities. In particular, this involved providing digital identities for employees, securing the workstations of maintenance teams, and tracking all interventions in an auditable process.


Our solution for ArianeGroup

We set up a cloud-based PKI system for the customer to manage credentials for all sensitive digital identities and ensure the integrity of information and actions. The scope includes the PKI for the production of digital identities, our CMS (Credential Management System) and all necessary enrollment protocol connectors, which are crucial for the provision of certificates via the network infrastructure

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