cryptovision realized the identity card and the passport of Ecuador

The challenge for Ecuador

The South American state of Ecuador has proclaimed (under the patronage of several ministries) an initiative for digital administration with improved e-government services for the population. Part of this project is an electronic identity card and a new electronic passport for the country’s 16 million inhabitants. The passport is also politically important, as Ecuador wants to be included in the group of non-EU countries whose citizens are allowed to enter the Schengen area without a visa – a modern passport is absolutely necessary for this.

The ID card and passport project was initially managed by the IGM (Instituto Geográfico Militar), which has been responsible for the production of identity documents in Ecuador since the 1980s. At the moment, the Foreign Ministry of Cancillería is in charge.


Our solution for Ecuador

After IGM had had several bad experiences with eID providers, it was decided to try cryptovision again. The main reason for choosing cryptovision was that the company relies completely on open standards. A so called vendor lock-in (the customer is dependent on a certain provider, because only his solutions are compatible with the existing environment), as it happened before, was excluded from the outset.

In the meantime, cryptovision has realized the electronic identity card of Ecuador and the electronic passport there with the help of the product ePasslet Suite. The products Camelot, SCinterface and SCalibur are also used.

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