IT Security all arround the automobile

The challenge for Renault Nissan

As a key representative of the automotive industry, Renault has identified a need for secure, trusted digital identities for various use cases in two categories:
– Security outside the vehicle, including network devices and internal or partner users.
– Security inside the vehicle, enabling secure communication between vehicles and the Renault backend.


Our solution for Renault Nissan

In order to serve all the use cases identified by Renault Nisan, we have deployed our PKI solutions from IDnomic. This relates in particular to user certificates on USB tokens for authentication to specific applications and in the dealership network using the Credential Management System to manage the entire lifecycle of certificates and credentials, and to the provision of NAC certificates on Windows devices using IDnomic Proxy for auto-enrollment.
In addition, in the area of on-board security, we implemented Renault vehicle authentication at the back-end level to enable downloading of monitoring information.

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