Our PKI solutions for IT security in the service industry

The challenge for Manutan

Manutan is a European distributor of business equipment and supplies with 2,200 employees and 27 offices in 17 European countries, also present in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
The company launched an information system project that included a cybersecurity component, with the aim of securing communication flows between infrastructure equipment.


Our solution for Manutan

IDnomic PKI as a Service was chosen because this cloud-based solution could be implemented quickly and did not require an integration project.
The service offers easy deployment, integration and management to ensure trusted digital identities. This eliminates the complications of configuration and deployment, as well as the need for dedicated customer personnel to operate a PKI system.
As a result, Manutan benefits from improved enterprise security: provision of user-level certificates to ensure secure access to the information system or infrastructure components, and our data center’s SLA commitment to provide a solution with a minimum 99.5% service level.

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