Highest security for complex systems

The challenge for Alstom

Alstom is a global leader in the transportation sector, manufacturing high-speed trains, metros, streetcars and e-buses. Its portfolio also includes digital mobility solutions.
Out of a desire to improve its internal systems and provide added value to its customers, Alstom decided to expand its IT applications. The company decided to deploy an internal PKI for authentication, authorization, and encryption of users, machines, and objects, and to implement cybersecurity to secure the firmware of train and railroad equipment.


Our solutions for Alstom

To meet all requirements, we have developed a complete solution for digital identity management and code signing. The solutions reflect the importance of protecting critical assets in complex systems built on a critical infrastructure with many smart objects.
Specifically, the solutions implemented were:
IDnomic PKI – centralized digital identity management system for all PKI use cases.
IDnomic Sign – platform for creating and verifying electronic signatures to ensure the integrity of device firmware
IDnomic Timestamping – application for providing trusted time tokens

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