This year cryptovision was again present at the RSA conference in San Francisco, one of the world’s most important events for IT security. And of course cryptovision participated again in the traditional evening reception with the German consul. This time, the venue was a club not far from the famous Transamerica Pyramid, hosted by the industry association TeleTrusT. During this ceremony cryptovision received a Common Criteria certificate for the Jacolyn CSP (version 2) from the hands of BSI department head Dr. Günther Welsch. The Jacolyn CSP is a Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP) that can be used as a cryptographic security core for numerous applications, including the cryptovision TSE v2 for cash registers. The architecture of this product is in line with the CSP concept developed by the BSI, which provides for the encapsulation of crypto functions and enables easy integration without specialized cryptographic knowledge. By certifying the Jacolyn CSP, cryptovision strengthens its position as a provider of secure and easy-to-use crypto solutions.

Jacolyn CSP website: