Eviden, the Atos Group business leading in cybersecurity with deep expertise in critical communications, and Westermo one of the leading specialists for industrial data communication, announced their partnership. Together, the two companies seek to develop cutting-edge solutions for secure communication in the industrial and railway environment and are relying on crypto agile OT and IoT devices for this purpose. In times of rapidly changing threat situations and multiple attack vectors, these solutions enable rapid adaptability for operators of critical infrastructures and thus protect investments.

The cooperation between Eviden and Westermo kicks off with a project in Germany in which industrial managed Layer 3 Gigabit switches (Lynx 3510) from Westermo are equipped with Eviden’s pluggable HSMs (Hardware Security Modules) in microSD format. Special crypto-software will be installed on the cards to further secure these switches and prepare them for future cybersecurity scenarios. The crypto-switches ensure the longer lifecycle of the switch platform in terms of investment protection. By relying on replaceable HSMs and thus on crypto-agility, the solution ensures continuous compliance with the highest security requirements.

With this partnership, Eviden demonstrates its extensive expertise in cybersecurity for the Industrial IoT (IIoT) and shows the growing need for crypto agile solutions in the industry.

Eviden’s IoT and industry solutions: https://www.cryptovision.com/en/solutions/iot-and-industry/