Over 100 participants attended Silicon Trust’s online seminar “Post Quantum Cryptography – The Impact on Identity” on April 10. The speakers included Klaus Schmeh from Eviden Digital Identity, who spoke about the implementation of post-quantum cryptography on smartcards – an important topic, as current smartcard architectures are not designed for post-quantum crypto processes. Moderator Steve Atkins praised Schmeh’s “unique presentation style” in the announcement and was not disappointed. The long-time Eviden and cryptovision employee offered edutainment at the highest level – with slides in comic design, numerous animations and first-hand information. If you missed the seminar, you can watch the lectures and presentation slides online. The links can be found on the seminar website.

Seminar website: https://silicontrust.org/new-seminar-post-quantum-cryptography-the-impact-on-identity/