With IDnomic Sign, Eviden provides a highly secure, high-performance, and flexible electronic signature platform that integrates natively with all components of a trusted infrastructure. The solution addresses the main use cases for electronic signatures: personal signatures, electronic seals, and code signing.

Version 10.4 of IDnomic Sign extends the platform’s functionalities, offering in particular:

  • Implementation of signature workflows, to orchestrate the signing of a document between the various players in a business procedure,
  • A dashboard displaying the signature server’s main operating indicators,
  • Improved, personalized management of signature visuals for PAdES formats.

IDnomic Sign is deployed by a large number of customers in France and abroad, and is used by public authorities, hospitals and companies.

Available as software license or in SaaS mode, IDnomic Sign facilitates online business processes and thus the digital transformation of organizations.

Our experts can help you integrate IDnomic Sign into your information systems and business applications.

Product website: https://www.cryptovision.com/en/products/secure-encryption/idnomic-sign/