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cryptovision is a world leading specialist for secure electronic identities. We are looking forward to providing you a turnkey solution for your electronic identity project that fulfills all your individual requirements.

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  • cryptovision’s eID solutions

    Identity documents equipped with a smart card chip, commonly referred to as eID documents and the related systems which use these eIDs are one of the hottest current technology trends. Many governments currently issue eID documents to their citizens in a number of different document types such as

    • Electronic citizen cards
    • Machine-Readable Travel Documents (MRTD) like ePassports
    • Electronic Health and social insurance cards
    • International electronic driving licenses
    • eVoting cards
    • Electronic residence permits

    While some of these document types and applications are well standardized by organizations such as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for travel documents or ISO for electronic driving licenses; national citizen cards vary from country to country and often combine more than one use case. Sometimes these national eIDs even include payment solutions or public transport ticketing. In addition to the sovereign use cases of cardholder identification and eGovernment applications, many countries leverage eID systems to provide a  means for securing electronic transactions for their to their citizens.

    An eID document can be used for many different applications, as shown in the following figure:

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  • cryptovision’s enterprise solutions

    Modern employee badges and company issued security tokens enable more use cases that improve productivity and enhance security more than traditional plastic badges. Using these smart devices enables your company to implement robust processes for

    • Strong Authentication for personal access to
      • Computers (log-on)
      • Company web sites
      • Company applications (single sign-on)
      • Company networks using remote access and / or virtual private networks
    • Privacy and confidentiality by protecting data via
      • E-Mail encryption
      • File- and folder-encryption
      • Full Drive Encryption
    • Non-Repudiation and compliance by using
      • Digital signatures
    • Physical access
    • Company-wide payment
    • Time recording

    Modern company cards are literally a key to your company since they can be used to authorize  access to both physical and logical areas in your company. By implementing secure chips, employee badges enable a new dimension of security aspects well beyond the visual identification of the card holder. With its chip technology inside, you can extend the identification into your digital workspace by using digital signatures in your company workflows or offer strong authentication to improve non-repudiation and drive compliance while ensuring proper access controls to confidential information.

    An eID company card can be used for many different applications, as shown in the following figure:

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